We got the idea of making a brickfilm about the Beast of Gévaudan during our holidays in "the Massif Central" mountains (France) in 2006 when we visited - completely by chance - the museum about the beast at Saugues (we just loved the atmosphere of that museum). We decided our idea should become a reality in October 2010, which is the date when we started shooting our brickfilm. We went back to Gévaudan in July 2011 to visit the different places which are linked to this story (click here to see our photos), and we were lucky enough to meet a few "specialists" of the beast. So, our brickfilm is based on those testimonies, but also on some books we read and some videos we watched. We tried to be faithfull to the original story, although we've voluntarily changed a few points about it.

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Bestia (making-of):

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